Bedsores in patients bedridden as a result of an accident or an unexpected event are independent of age but, indeed, bed sores are more common in the elderly. Adequate care, however, can significantly promote the healing process. The young body regenerates more easily but recovery slows down with age. Susceptibility to pressure sores is aggravated by age, immobility, fever or poor physical condition. The most affected, however, are patients who cannot change their position in bed on their own or can do it only with great difficulty.

Decubitus can be predicted based on primary and secondary risk factors. The risk assessment is most often based on the Norton or Braden scale as recommended by the professional protocols.

The phase zero of decubitus means the possibility of developing bedsores. There is no perceived discrepancy on the skin, but there is a high possibility of developing decubitus. In this situation the prevention is particularly important thing for people at risk because the first stage of decubitus – when the skin becomes warm to the touch, thin and vulnerable – may develop very rapidly. At this stage the process is still reversible. Frequent rotation of the patient, however is not enough; regular preventive treatment is also required.

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How can you prevent bedsores?

By changing the patient’s position frequently enough, you can prevent the development of sensitive pressure points on the patient’s body. Turn the patient frequently on their left or right side, avoiding supine position for too long. Make sure that the sheets are always dry and free from wrinkles. With patients turned on their stomach, make sure their breathing is unaffected. Place small pillows under body parts like elbows, heels, sacrum and buttocks which are continuously exposed to pressure. Take care of the patient’s skin by regular washing and bathing. Dry the skin carefully after each washing and bathing.

Based on the epidemiological data of decubitus, the incidence and high costs of many healthcare environments and the dramatically decreasing quality of life of patients with decubitus, it can be stated that special attention has to be paid to prevention of bedsores.

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