Clean and dry the area carefully, then apply dermolex gel in an even layer and gently massage it into the skin. The refreshing, soothing effect of the gel will be felt immediately.

Use dermolex gel once or twice daily.

Periodical rotation of the patient, ease of pressure, and regular care of the affected area are still required. Immediately consult a specialist if you observe the early signs of bedsores.

Institutional opinions and personal experiences are very useful in using this product and some of these are described below.

Dermolex gel was studied and evaluated by the Department of Dermatology and Allergology of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Centre of the Faculty of Medicine, Szeged University, Hungary:

Neither the preliminary signs of decubitus nor contact dermatitis were observed at the daily visits in the study evaluating the use of dermolex gel. As reported by the nursing stuff, the gel formulation was generally preferred to creams or ointments by the patients included in the study. The application of dermolex gel following personal hygienic care improved the sense of comfort in patients.

Home care service provider’s opinion  – Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county, Hungary:

“We are using dermolex for elderly lying patients of vulnerable group at 1-2 times a day. Our patients really like the gel, because it has refreshed, cooled their skin and stimulated their blood circulation. The gel is quickly absorbed, leaving no trace on the bed linen or clothing. Me and also my colleagues can strongly recommend the product that we use personally in our work.”

The opinion of a family member about the dermolex skin regeneration gel – Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county, Hungary:

“It is working by the prevention of decubitus”

The opinion of a nurse – Budapest, Hungary:

“I work as a professional nurse and I have to take care of many in-patient who are in big pain. The dermolex gel has a regenerating, cooling effect even after one bath when we varnish the affected skin. We find it very useful.”

The opinion of a family member about the dermolex skin regeneration gel – Békés county, Hungary:

“Very good product, we are using for about a year!”

Opinions of nursing care provider’s staff – Budapest, Hungary:

“The dermolex gel soothes and cools the inpatients skin and also absorbs very quickly. They expressed good opinions about the treatment of pre-existing decubitus and also preventing it.”

The opinion of a family member about the dermolex skin regeneration gel – Budapest, Hungary:

“It’s an excellent product! My husband, who suffered from tumour, didn’t have decubitus thanks to the gel.”

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