6+1 Actually Useful Gifts for Bedridden Patients

Being bedridden is a form of immobility. Bedbound patients are unable to stand up or even sit up. People who spend prolonged periods in bed have to face a lot of changes. One of them is the psychological stress that comes from dealing with the unpleasant feeling of boredom. Thoughtful gifts can bring comfort to the life of a bedridden person. Are you seeking to find a practical gift for bedridden patients? Cheer your loved one up with one of these gift ideas.

Gifts for someone on bedrest

Buying gifts for bedridden patients can be effortful. Bedbound patients cannot participate in activities that require mobility. This rules out several experiential gifts. Here are some fantastic gift ideas that may help!

6+1 practical gifts for bedridden patients

Gifts for bedrest

1. Gadgets for bedridden patients

Gadgets for bedridden patients can offer more than just a way to kill time. Smartphones, tablets, and notebooks are great tools to keep in touch with your bedbound loved ones.

Gadgets for elderly bedridden patients may include:

  • A smartphone with a user-friendly operating system.
  • A tablet with a big enough screen.
  • An e-reader also called an e-book reader, which can provide some cognitive stimuli during bed rest.
  • A notebook that can help to keep in touch with relatives and friends.
  • A new pair of headphones.

2. Books, magazines

Books are powerful tools to keep boredom at bay. If your bedbound love one or friend is keen on reading, get them a new book to pass the time. Differently-abled individuals may have difficulties reading conventional books. Visual impairment and reading disorders can negatively affect the reading experience. The audiobook may be the appropriate gift for those patients who are unable to effectively read standard print.

3. Bed rest care package

Finding the right gifts for someone on bed rest can be extremely difficult. A bed rest care package makes things a lot easier. The appropriate skincare routine can make the skin more resilient, which is crucial to prevent bedsores for bedridden patients. Applying the dermolex skin regenerating gel can lower the risk of developing pressure ulcers. Carefully selected ingredients of the gel refresh and regenerate the skin exposed to long-term pressure.

The gel formulation is rapidly absorbed and will not stain the clothes or the bed linen as it does not contain any colorings or fragrances. The product complies with Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 on cosmetic products. It is a “leave-on” product, not to be rinsed when used as intended. The product was studied and evaluated by the Department of Dermatology and Allergology of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Centre of the Faculty of Medicine, Szeged University. The investigators concluded that Dermolex Gel was a useful complement to the therapy of bedsores (decubitus).

4. Online courses

Are you looking to find a heartwarming gift for bedridden patients to pass the time? If you have a friend or family member who is stuck in the bed without any option of leaving it soon, they may have the time for self-development. Prestigious universities and other reputable organizations offer a wide range of online learning opportunities.

Online course gifts for bedridden patients may include:

  • digital cooking courses,
  • online language lessons,
  • IT e-learning courses,
  • programing lessons,
  • video editing lessons or
  • digital guitar lessons.

5. Adult diapers

There are gifts for bedridden patients which are unpleasant, but useful. Adult diapers belong to this category. Health conditions that cause limited mobility may increase the risk of developing pressure injuries. The healing process of decubitus ulcers is frequently prolonged due to skin damage caused by hygiene issues. Adult diapers are special pieces of clothing that allow the patient to defecate and urinate without leaving the bed. Adult nappies can lower the risk of developing pressure injuries.

6. Waterproof mattress pad (absorbent mattress protector)

A waterproof mattress pad also called an absorbent mattress protector, is definitely a practical gift for an immobile patient. It can protect the bedsheet and mattress from bodily fluids and keep the bed-confined patient comfortable by absorbing all the liquid contaminations.

+1 Back pillow (lumbar support pillow)

Spending weeks in a lying or sitting position can lead to developing back pain. Conventional pillows do not sufficiently support the lower back area. Back pillows, also called lumbar support pillows, maximize the comfort level of bedridden patients.


Dermolex skin regenerating gel for the prevention of bedsores

The herbal ingredients of dermolex gel provide excellent help in the skin care of permanently bedridden patients and the prevention of bedsores.

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