The Best Bedridden Patient Care Equipments

The aging of society comes with the increasing numbers of people who suffer from decubitus (also called bedsores, pressure ulcers). Treating elderly family members has become a constant challenge for families because people with decubitus have to stay in bed so self-care is not an option in this case.

Not just people with decubitus, but other bedridden patients need to be cured, and to do this, bedridden patient care equipment should be used.

Why do you need supplies for bedridden patients at home?

Bedsores have 4 stages so they can last from a couple of weeks up to months. Prevention and treatment is thus the most important thing to stop the disease becoming more painful. It’s inevitable to maintain proper blood circulation, prevent infection and treat the skin loss a patient can suffer from.
Not just bedsores, but a car accident, a broken leg, or a burn injury also require bed rest. Search for bruises and wounds on the patient especially on the

  • shoulder,
  • sacrum,
  • hip,
  • elbow,
  • heel.

Hospitals have the right supplies for bedridden patients to keep them comfortable, but it’s not always necessary to stay in the hospital. What supplies to use at home to treat bedridden people?

The best bedridden patient care equipments

The most effective bedridden patient care equipments to maintain comfort, prevent, and treat are the following products:

  • An adjustable bed, that can elevate the head and the upper body of the patient to maintain the right position. It also serves convenience functions.
  • Cushions and a good-quality decubitus mattress can help in pressure relief, which is very important in preventing decubitus.
  • A (medical) bed with a toilet is also a good choice, but the second option is to use a bedside commode if the patient is able to get up from bed.
  • A good quality, highly absorbent adult diaper helps bedridden patients lie in bed.
  • Use the dermolex skin regenerating gel daily to prevent bedsores. The dermolex gel can also be used under the diaper, in the folds, to prevent or treat bed rest due to its skin regenerating effect.
  • Disposable underpads to protect the mattress.
  • A bed rope ladder could help the patient to sit up more easily by pulling himself up.
  • Pillows and bed wedges to upper the body or the legs.
  • Emergency call button for quick alert and to get help as soon as possible.
  • Bed rails for stability to avoid falling out of bed.

How to make a bedridden patient comfortable?

Exercise for bedridden patients is the key to healing and doing it can increase comfort. With exercise, you can keep the muscles fit and the skin healthy. Avoid any sign of discomfort.

After exercising, maintain the correct position once again. Don’t keep a position for more than 1 or 2 hours: switch weights at least every 2 hours for pressure relief, because lying will become more painful because of the friction.

Use heel protectors to relieve excess pressure.

Products for bedridden patients from dermolex

At dermolex we are committed to helping bedridden patients overcome their pain. Bedridden patient care equipment is unimaginable without a good skin regenerating gel. The herbal ingredients of dermolex gel provide excellent help in the skincare of permanently bedridden patients and the prevention of bedsores. It can be used at the back of the head, the elbow, the waist, hips, buttocks, ears, knees, and heels.

If the patient suffers from urinary incontinence, we recommend the use of dermolex adult diapers that absorb the urine. They prevent leakage and bedridden patients can use it as regular underwear.


Dermolex skin regenerating gel for the prevention of bedsores

The herbal ingredients of dermolex gel provide excellent help in the skin care of permanently bedridden patients and the prevention of bedsores.

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