What are hypoallergenic products and why do we need them?

Nowadays more and more news can be heard among acquaintances that they have food allergy or they develop pollen allergy in adulthood. At first, we might also think that it’s easier to prove allergies these days. This is true to some degree, but the numbers are still growing at a surprising rate.

In the United States the number of children with food allergies increased by 50% between 1997 and 2010. The previous decade was considered the warmest of all, so the consequence of this resulting in increased pollen and allergen concentrations in the air. This leads to new allergic diseases and worsening the current ones.

Therefore in an environment like this, it is not surprisingly to hear about more hypoallergenic products. In this article, we have collected what are these exactly, why are they important, and why do we call them hypoallergenic.

What are hypoallergenic products?

We call hypoallergenic products whose ingredients have been selected to minimize the likelihood of an allergic reaction.

Hypoallergenic products are most commonly found in the following areas:

  • Skin care, dermatology: This category includes also our hypoallergenic skin regenerating gel: dermolex
  • Cosmetics, perfumes
  • Baby food
  • Dog and cat food

However, why is it good for us to buy hypoallergenic products? The answer is simple: because we can minimize the development of an allergic reaction. What an allergic reaction is exactly, how to recognize it, and what to do if you experience symptoms is described in the next section in detail.

What is allergic reaction and how can it be recognised?

There are many different types of allergens in nature: pollens, dust mites, animal hair, insect bites and various foods. All of these can trigger an allergic reaction, which can even be life-threatening.

A mild allergic reaction can also cause itching, runny nose, sneezing, and headache. An allergic skin reaction can appear like an itchy red rash.

Use hypoallergenic gel for sensitive skin

In the case of a severe allergic reaction, the body may be in a state of anaphylactic shock.

Anaphylactic shock can also begin as a mild allergic reaction, for example with itching. Additional symptoms occur within half an hour:

  • swollen lips, tongue or throat
  • wheezing or shortness of breath
  • fainting, dizziness
  • vomit
  • low blood pressure
  • rapid pulse

Anaphylactic shock is a serious reaction, if you experience symptoms like this, call an ambulance as soon as possible.

How to make sure that a product is hypoallergenic or not?

It is important to know, that there is no precise definition on what ingredients should contain a product to be called hypoallergenic.

The first and most important thing to do before buying is to check the ingredients label. Vainly they label a product with a hypoallergenic marker if you are allergic to any of the substances in it.

When checking ingredients, it can be helpful to know that the ingredients are not always listed in their common language. In the case of chemicals, scientific names are common. In the case of natural substances, the Latin names of the given herbs are often used by the manufacturer.

It is worth examining every ingredient we don’t know exactly at first glance what it is.

About dermolex hypoallergenic gel

AWe already mentioned out product, the dermolex hypoallergenic gel in the middle of this article. We would like to introduce our product in a little more detail.

Dermolex gel is designed to help prevent bedsores. Unfortunately, a lot of bedridden patients and elderly can develop bed sores with very unpleasant symptoms.

The herbal ingredients (Aloe vera, Echinacea purpurea, and several others) of the gel provide excellent and effective help preventing bed sore and skin care of permanently bedridden patients. Its carefully selected ingredients refresh and regenerate the skin exposed to long-term pressure. The gel formulation is rapidly absorbed and will not stain the clothes or the bed linen as it does not contain any colourings or fragrances.

Dermolex gel can be purchase in this link.


The number of different allergies is increasing day by day in the world. Consequently hypoallergenic products are becoming increasingly important as their goals are to minimize the risk of a possible allergic reaction. If you have any allergy, feel free to look for hypoallergenic products on store shelves. To take an extra step, check the ingredients on labels whether you can find one among them that you are allergic to.


Dermolex skin regenerating gel for the prevention of bedsores

The herbal ingredients of dermolex gel provide excellent help in the skin care of permanently bedridden patients and the prevention of bedsores.

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